Friday, March 13, 2009

Hamsters :)

These two i made yesterday, supposed to be fake movie posters like. Kinda silly.  


  1. Hi, Lilie,
    I have a request for you, an assist, actually, for which you can get credit if the project is successful.

    Here it is:

    I need a graphic design of a special award I want to give out. In this case, if you help me with the design, it will be with your name on it. We can call it the Rose/Lilie Award. The design has to say that the recipient is worthy of these qualities:
    1. neighborliness, friendliness
    2. good manners
    3. universal appreciation.

    If you'd like, we can discuss this further. I asked Dave King to help me too.

    One of my blog followers will invariably come to my assistance. So, don't feel that this is an assignment. I see it as an opportunity for you to be using your skills for humanitarian reason. (no money, sorry.)

  2. Those are way too cute!
    You're good!

  3. By the way, I love your color groupings! That is what really draws my attention.

  4. They're NOT silly, they're adorable:) And, I like the colors you chose and the font you used. I adore hamsters, and I wanted to share with you the cutest hamster I've ever seen in my life, HERE.